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Hair Salon Windang

Welcome to La Belle' Hair & Beauty Spa.

Beauty care is an essential part of life, as it not only helps us look good, but it also keeps our skin and hair healthy. However, it’s hard to find the time to do these things yourself in today's world.

How you feel inside is linked to how you look and feel on the outside, so if you are feeling stressed, irritable and run down it might be time to reset your mental state with a beauty session at our spa. We can offer you treatments that will have you feeling good and looking great.

All of our beauticians are fully licenced and experienced so when you come to La Belle' Hair & Beauty Spa, you will be receiving world-class treatment.

The hairstylists we have on-staff are continually adapting to the changing trends of hair and learning new techniques to help their clientele achieve their desired look. They also use the latest in hairstyle technology which isn't available elsewhere. Our stylists will treat your hair as if it were their own, and all the products they use will not harm you or your hair.

Skincare is something we take very seriously, and because of this, we have our own line of skincare products that we use, which cleans out your pores and leaves your skin looking and feeling silky smooth. We also offer skin peels and facials which are perfect for anyone suffering from acne. Aged skin isn't a problem either as our skincare specialist are experienced working with all skin types.

We are located right near Lake Illawarra, which is an excellent change of scenery for some, and it provides a unique atmosphere that helps our clients relax.

If stress is a big problem for you, then consider using our massage service, which helps relieve any built-up tension you have stored in your muscles. For those who don't have time for a full-body massages, we offer a ½ hour massage that is guaranteed to have you feeling refreshed.

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